A common misconception is that detoxing is for alcoholics or those with drug addictions.  In today’s world, every time we inhale we’re breathing in thousands of various toxicants in the air.  Air pollution is officially classified as a human carcinogen.[1]  Yes, topical and oral exposures are also an issue. However, we take a breath ~20,000x per day and that’s without exercise. That’s how many times our lungs, kidneys and liver have to process massive amounts of chemicals.

Relative to the pre-industrial era, this is a major change the body has to endure in addition to the toxins our own body produces (e.g. estrogen metabolites).

Our cells burn through vital nutrients in order to eliminate these oxidative stressors – stressors beyond hormesis.  So, how can we optimize cellular detoxification?

10 detox tips:
1. Sweat (sauna, exercise)
2. Pee (sufficient fluid intake)
3. Poop (25-40g of fiber)
4. Cruciferous veggies (enhance detoxification enzymes)
5. Protein
6. Ascorbate
7. N-acetylcysteine
8. Alpha Lipoic Acid
9. Sufficient sleep! (this is when microglia in the brain remove waste)
10. Reduce any exposure you can! (Air-filter, water-filter, organic food, natural cosmetics, eat low on the food chain, rural life) Note: the above list isn’t in order of importance, which would vary depending on the individual case.

Lancet Oncol. 2013 Dec; 14(13):1262-3.